I Get to Go


“I have to go to work today.” On Monday morning, after they have hit their snooze button for the third time, with a sad look on their face, tired, and not looking forward to it, this is what most people say.

Have you ever said this?

My friend, David, says something very different. And his approach to work makes all the difference for him. He says this with a smile on his face, with an eagerness to be at work.

I asked him if he had to go to work one early morning. He says, “Oh, no, Harland, I get to go to work today.”

Now, that is a different way to approach life, isn’t it? For David, work was not a job, it was a major part of his purpose in life. He managed two large department stores and faced challenges all day long — from customers and associates and his bosses.

He saw his work as important, as making a difference. He realized he was having an impact, a positive one. He was grateful for his job.

Of course, some jobs can be horrible, boring, meaningless, it seems, and yet…


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