I Got in Trouble Because of Them


Do you remember The Beatles? Of course you do.

Those haircuts, with their hair combed down over their foreheads. That was so radical in 1964 when they came on the scene.

In junior high, I decided to comb my hair straight down over my forehead and got sent to the principal’s office.

The unofficial dress code those days was for boys to either have a short hair, a flat top, or part your hair off to the side. At least that is how our principal saw it.

I remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show. What are your memories?


2 comments on “I Got in Trouble Because of Them”

  1. Ron Duvall Reply

    When I was in Jr. High I went to the barbershop and got a DA haircut. Medium length on the sides combed back and long in the back so it flipped up in the back like a duck’s tail. with a flat top. I felt so cool until I got home and my mom said who cut your hair? Jack always cut my hair. You mean he charged you $.85. for that mess. Let’s go back and he needs to finish your haircut. I was so embarrassed and when we walked in Jack said, “Loretta” I cut it just like he said and I knew he would be back. You want me to give him just a regular flat top? Right, I learned at 13 you do not want your parents taking you to the barber shop. My siblings got miles of laughter and jokes about that for many years. I learned the hard way that only ducks have DA’s not people.

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