This Is Crazy


Go out tonight and look up.

At least here in Florida, the skies will be clear. You’ll be able to see a full moon.

There is something magic about a full moon isn’t there? Some say full moons make people crazy. Is it the change in the magnetic pull of the sun and moon on opposite sides of the earth? Or is it the beauty?

Imagine our ancestors who didn’t have artificial lights at night like we do now. Imagine the power and influence of the cycles of the moon in their lives. They would have been much more aware of these natural phenomena, wouldn’t they?

Well, take a look for yourself tonight. I was very aware of this early this morning before daybreak.


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  1. Diane Slaughter Reply

    It wasn’t until my 70th decade that I was told there is always a full moon during Holy Week. I took note and the moon is always super bright during this week. The movies always depicted the night of the betrayal of Christ as extremely dark, the soldiers holding well lit torches so they could see as they traveled toward Christ. Notice the brightness of the moon during Holy Week and you will see it is almost bright as day….no torches needed.

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