Try Again


It took two tries.

I sure hope I don’t misinterpret this story. Mark tells it in Chapter 8, beginning at verse 22

Some people bring a blind man to Jesus. Jesus heals him, sort of, with a first touch. But, the man doesn’t see clearly yet, only fuzzily, still blurry sight.

So, Jesus tries again. This is where I might be spinning this story wrongly, but it is here in the Gospel account. It takes a second touch of Jesus.

I don’t remember Jesus needing a second touch in any of the other stories, at least not directly in the stories.

It is not that Jesus is unable to fully heal him with one touch.

But, with this man, and with me (if I am honest) Jesus tried again. With me at least, Jesus has had to touch me again and again and again, before I get it, sometimes, if you know what I mean.

I am so glad for this story about Jesus’ second touch with the blind man.

In fact, if we look at the stories of Abraham and Sarah, Jonah, Jacob and Esah, the people of Israel, Peter, and others God hangs in there, keeps nudging, touching, drawing, …

I am grateful.


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