I’ve Started Again


I just finished day 3 of a journey that will take me all year. I’ve done this before, many times. It is reading through the Bible, all the way through in one year.

This year I am reading a Psalm or Proverb every day, followed by a chapter or so in the New Testament, followed by a couple of chapters in the Old Testament. The last time I read through the whole Bible from beginning to end.

It takes about 15-20 minutes a day, either way. I use a Bible app on my phone.

Why do I do this? Good question.

I do believe the Bible is uniquely God’s Word, God speaking to us, God revealing things to us we can’t get anywhere else. Even after 51 years of consistent study of Scripture, I am constantly amazed by what I read and hear.

I’m looking forward to fresh insights, discoveries, confidence, questions, understanding, … this time around. Only 363 days to go. (This is a leap year).


5 comments on “I’ve Started Again”

  1. Ronald E Duvall Reply

    I have started several times and never make it in a year. It seems that life interferes. I do think it is my pacing that is off. As I read through, I want to stop and dig deeper. Any suggestions for staying on target and pacing myself.

    • Harland Reply

      Ron, I have found it difficult through the years as well. Finding the time, or rather making the time is a challenge, but… I like this Bible App from Youversion which helps me stay paced every day. Reading through the Bible is not the same as studying the Bible. All the best. Harland

  2. Pierce Outlaw Reply

    Hey Harland!

    Happy New Year!

    Please post what you are reading daily so I- and others- can follow along.


    • Harland Reply

      Pearce. I use Holy Bible by YouVersion an app that works on the Iphone and Windows. The particular through the year study is one by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel that provides a devotional, a Psalm or Proverb, a chapter or so in the New Testament, and a chapter or two or three in the Old Testament. There is a way of tracking progress and getting reminders as well. I hope this helps. Best regards, Harland

  3. Marshall Rice Reply

    Harland, I always enjoy your thoughtful insights! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What is the app that you use for reading? I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

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