Our Real Estate Meetup Group


The four of us – John Veitch, Ron Duvall, Diane Fouts and I – have been volunteering our time leading a real estate investors meetup group in West Volusia County for the past five years or so. Here we are at a picnic at Gemini Springs Park last September.

Once a month, we meet at an IHOP in Debary with 10 to 30 other folks. Some are just getting started. Some like the four of us have been at it for a while now. Some flip houses like you see on TV. Some build from the ground up. Some build cabinets, lend money, do floors, do title work, are attorneys.

Tonight our program is on using AI in real estate. Last month I did a program on using the 12-Week Year approach to staying focused and achieving goals. We learn from real estate brokers, bankers, and one another.

We have made some good friends and enjoy helping each other do well. The four of us are some of the oldest in the group. It is great to see so many younger folks in our group.

I imagine you and others reading this today, volunteer your time with some work in which you have an interest. What is it?


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