Letting Go


Our grandchildren from Colorado came to visit last year. One of our favorite places to go was the Freedom Playground at Bill Dreggors Park.

The kids would make new friends and run around. They really enjoyed the zip line, the big climbing structure, the merry-go-round, and the overhead ladders.

As you remember, the overhead ladder is a series of ladder rungs laid out horizontally overhead. The challenge is to grab the first rung, swing out, grab the second, and then the third. As you reach out for the next rung, you have to let go of the rung you are holding on to. To get to the end, you have to keep letting go.

Calvin and Fiona had fun seeing how fast they could go and make it to the end.

As I watched, it came to me that as you and I swing through life, we have a series of “letting gos”.

We let go of elementary school to go to middle school. We let go of one town to move to another. We let go of our children so they can grow up.

To move ahead, we have to let go.


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