The Powerful Engine Couldn’t Do It


The car was stuck. The soft, dry sand at the beach wouldn’t allow the tires to get traction, so the wheels kept spinning, adding to the stuckness.

A very powerful engine drove those wheels. It could normally propel this multi-ton vehicle down the road at 70 miles an hour or faster. But, not today, not in this soft sand.

Two of the passengers opened the doors and jumped out of the car. They went to the back and started to push. A couple of bystanders joined them.

For some reason, the pushing of these four guys and gals was able to provide what was needed to get the car moving forward again, something the big, powerful engine couldn’t do.

Maybe it was simple physics, forces the guys could provide that the engine and tires couldn’t. I think it was something else, too.

The driver and passengers and bystanders applied human thinking, ingenuity, creative problem-solving, and teamwork. The machine couldn’t do this. The people could.


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