Accountability Partners


There was something I told them I would do.

They asked when. “In the next hour,” I told them.

“How will we know,” they asked.

“I will text you when I have done it,” I replied.

When I hadn’t texted them, Brian texted me.

I gave an excuse.

Brian texted “What’s the matter with now? When is a better time? Now or now?

I texted my reasons, but, because he challenged me, I told him I would do the thing.

“Just do it,” texted Dave.

And I did.

Every Friday from 5:15 to 5:30 p.m. we talk for 15 minutes

Dave lives in California. Brian lives in Minnesota. We are “accountability partners”, agreeing to support one another, help each other.

We have 5-minutes each to say:

• what we said we would do the previous week,

• what we actually did,

• what’s blocking us,

• and what we plan to do in the coming week.

We don’t talk about the weather or football or other stuff.

We talk about how we can help each other get unstuck or make a breakthrough. We help each other follow through.

Which they did with me this week.


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