She Is In the Right Job


Wendy Weisheimer, Director of the Neuroscience Institute connected with Advent Health here in Central Florida, was our speaker at Rotary this week.

She has such a deep passion for what she does. From the very first seconds of her presentation, she exuded energy and knowledge and huge dreams for her work. She is definitely in the right job.

Two of her passions came out in her talk.

One was strokes. All of us have known people who have suffered from a stroke. Wendy told us of the great strides in treatment, and rehabilitation. She urged us to pay attention to the warning signs and seek help, immediately.

The second was Alzheimers. Look for some remarkable new advancements in the treatment for this soon, she told us.

I am sure glad there are people like Wendy Weisheimer who are doing what they are called to do and doing it so well.


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