I Bumped My Toe


I cut the corner too close and jammed my toe into the table leg the other day. Ouch!

The first thing that hit me was how painful it was. I am not very good with pain.

Then, for several days, what hit me was that I had toes. That stubbed toe kept talking to me.

Most of the time I pay it no attention at all. It is just there. But, every time I took a step, after bumping it, that toe was very evident. It called out with every step. It gave me a visible limp.

Our body parts stay in the background until something goes wrong, don’t they?

Fingers, toes, eyes, ears, nose, every part while it is working just does its job without calling attention to themselves. Hurt it, though, and there it is.

It’s been a week now. The toe has recovered and gone into the background again. Except that now I am deliberately thinking about it, calling it into my attention, thanking it for simply doing its job.

Thank you toe!

(P.S. I know. I have some weird toes.)


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