Groundhog Day Is Real


It is true. So much of life has a Groundhog Day flavor to it, doesn’t it?

We do the same things, mostly without thinking about them. We get up, check emails, eat something, have a cup of coffee, brush our teeth, take the same route to work, greet the same people, do the same stuff, day after day after day. All on automatic, it seems.

Where did the day go? Same old same old. One day blends into another, into another, into another.

We have a way of getting into certain rhythms, habits, routines, patterns, ruts, …

Just thinking about this reality this morning, as Punxsutawney Phil gets up and goes through the motions a little later when the sun gets up.

Of course, with a bit of awareness and initiative, we can interrupt some of the automatics.

What will you do to create something new, something fresh today?


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