You Are Almost There


How did that hit you?

“You are almost there.”

So many times I have needed to hear that. Recovering from a broken ankle, getting over Covid or the flu, running the recent MeStrong 5K, making it to a successful retirement, completing closing on an investment property, the birth of our sons, graduating from seminary, paying off a big debt, arriving at the destination after a long trip, …

Where have you needed to hear those words “You are almost there”?

You might need to hear it right now with something going on in your life. I know I do in a few areas.

And then the kicker “Kinda”. You mean there is more. You mean we aren’t there yet. You mean this is only mile 20 in the marathon. You mean I have six more weeks in this cast. Ouch.

“You are almost there. Kinda.” Both are true, so often. We have started. We have come a long way. But, we aren’t there yet.

When I see that sign, it kinda takes the wind out of my sails for a while. Then, I realize how far I have come and decide to take one more step.

Hang in there. You are almost there. Kinda.


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