February Is Fall In Florida


Up north the leaves fall in the Fall. I guess it is the colder weather that has something to do with that. The trees pulling back to prepare for winter.

When we lived up north it was fun to rake up big piles of leaves and then the boys and I would run and jump in the piles. Such fun, except having to rake them up again.

Here in Florida the leaves are starting to fall as Spring approaches. I guess it is the new growth pushing out new leaves. The old leaves have held on all winter long and now it is time for them to go.

The sidewalks and yards and streets are covered with leaves today. Folks will begin to grind them up with mowers , scatter them under the azaleas, or bag them. I’ll gather some to refill the compost pile and use the finished compost later this year as soil enhancers.

God’s wonderful world is fun to observe and enjoy.


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