What Does Faith Have to Do With Work?


How would you answer the questions stated in the title?

Some might say, “No.” The answer may depend on how you see your work, whether you like what you do or not. And how about those who don’t work, for example, those who are retired?

Perhaps the question would be better stated, “Does faith have anything to do with Monday through Saturday?” Hopefully, most of us would say, “Yes.” Faith is, at least as many of us see it, not a Sunday-only thing, just when you are at church thing.

Back to the original question. It hit me the other day that Jesus was a carpenter, Paul was a tent maker, Lydia was a seller of purple goods, Abraham was a shepherd, Peter was a fisherman, Jesus was a carpenter, …

Is it possible our work and work life can be seen as our calling, a place of ministry, whatever our profession? Can we see, in some way, even when retired, that our reading, golfing, fishing, etc. as connected with our faith?


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