No Es Facil


It has been 104 days now since I started re-learning Spanish. Every day I spend about 30 minutes listening to, speaking, learning new words, and trying to get the grammar. No es facil. It’s not easy.

There are parts of Spanish that I find easy. Pronunciation for one. Every vowel has one sound. That sure helps with spelling and speaking.

I think I dreamed in Spanish for the first time last night. Now, that is a milestone. Fifty years ago, preparing for a long trip in France with our family, I remember dreaming in French. We got along pretty well.

I never have been fluent in another language, although I have enjoyed learning Latin, French, German, Greek, and Hebrew over the years, in school.

My purpose in learning Spanish these days is an upcoming trip back to Cuba next Spring. I want to honor our Cuban friends there by being more capable in their language than I have been on previous trips.

What have been your experiences with learning another language?


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