All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween)


I remember being a box of Tide for Halloween once.  The costume was quite uncomfortable, my body in a big empty box of detergent. Head hands and feet poking out of holes in the box.   I couldn’t sit down.

Barbara and I enjoyed being in Boulder, Colorado with our grandchildren, downtown, with every store handing out candy, and hundreds of children with their parents walking through town.

Another year, we were in a neighborhood in which the streets were blocked off to traffic and every home had a table in the driveway, with families greeting one another and enjoying a stroll through the neighborhood.

Some choose not to “celebrate” Halloween because of all the demonic associations with it.  And there is no doubt Halloween can get out of hand. 

Some make it into a fall festival or an occasion to costume-up, which keeps the fun but pushes away the darker aspects. 

Barbara and I will be helping out with a wholesome evening in our neighborhood tonight, welcoming as many as 1500 in an annual tradition at Maurine and Warren’s house.


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