Climbing a Hill


I had a dream the other night in which a steep hill stood in front of me. For some reason, I wanted to climb that hill and get to the top.

Then I noticed a woman sliding down the hill right toward me. Fortunately, she landed on her feet. “It is too steep. I quit.”, she said. Then she walked off.

I tried to climb straight up myself, but soon found myself sliding back down.

A guy slid down real fast just to my left. He hit hard, then got up slowly. Noticing that I was trying to climb, too, he said, “There is no way. I couldn’t do it.” He walked off, too.

Then, in my dream, I noticed a trail that led off to the right. It didn’t go straight up. In fact, it seemed to lead away from the summit. For some reason, I decided to take the trail off to the right.

Before long it zigged back to the left and crossed the steep trail. It took longer, but little by little, taking these less steep trails, zigging and zagging, I eventually made it to the top.

Do we have any interpreters of dreams out there?


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