We Is Better Than Me


Last weekend I was reminded how true is the statement “We is better than me.”

A team of about 15 classmates took on all the tasks of providing a three-day 55th Reunion for our high school class. Together we created a marvelous weekend with our classmates.

There is no way any one of us could have done the eight events all by ourselves. But, together we pulled it off with excellence. We is better than me.

You will see it in the football games over this weekend. It takes a team. Just try to advance the ball as a quarterback all alone on the field.

I guess there are still a few “one-man bands” and some of us try to do life that way. But, you know, don’t you, that we is better than me?

Every week, we discover this in the masterminds I facilitate. We get out of our own heads and benefit from the experience, skills, knowledge, and connections of everyone in the group.

Where have you discovered the truth of the statement, “We is better than me.”?


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