Simply, Put On Your Shoes


If you will do this, you can run a marathon.

This one thing is the key, the foundation. Without it, there is no way.

Slip your feet into your shoes. That’s it.

Looking back to my first marathon, it boiled down to putting on my shoes.

If I didn’t put on my shoes and lace them up, I wouldn’t go out the door. And if I didn’t go out the door, I wouldn’t run that day, wouldn’t train. And if I didn’t train then…

But, if I did that one simple thing, I was on my way to running a marathon.

Think about it.

A big pile of dirty dishes on the counter. What is the one thing you can do that will get those dishes cleaned?

A huge project at work, with a deadline, and a boss breathing down your neck. What is the one thing you can do that will get that project done?

Think about some huge marathon-like challenge you are facing and determine the one, very simple thing you can do that will get that challenge completed.

Respond to this by sharing an enormous problem you sometimes face and the one simple, first thing you do to get it done.


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