Raised $800,000 in 12 Hours

RAISED $800,000 IN 12 HOURS

My friend David raised $800,000 in 12 hours yesterday.

He is a multifamily investor like we are. He found an excellent property, negotiated purchase terms with the owner, put together a package for investors, and contacted his list of friends yesterday morning. By 9:00 p.m. his offer was fully subscribed.

Raising that much in such a short time is amazing. Sometimes it takes weeks to raise the private money for a deal like this.

David is very good at what he does. He understands his market. He is constantly looking for properties to buy. His team is small, but he works smart. And, most important he is a person of integrity, a really nice guy.

Many find it difficult right now to find good deals. Rising interest rates make financing hard. But, David has a positive attitude, has built relationships, and outworks the competition.

Life can be difficult. Circumstances can be hard. We can make excuses. But, folks like David get it done.

He’ll serve the residents of the apartment complex he is buying with good, clean, safe, affordable housing. He’ll improve the neighborhood and strengthen the tax base of the community. He’ll provide his investment partners with an appropriate return.


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