I Salute My Fellow Veterans


There aren’t that many of us. Veterans that is. Folks who served in our Armed Forces. The few, the proud. The ones who protect our freedoms, who put their lives on the line.

I salute all those who wore the uniform and gave years or decades of their life in one of the service branches – Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force.

Perhaps you are one. Perhaps someone in your family is. Perhaps a coworker or fellow student or neighbor.

We’ll be flying our flags today as a way of saying thanks to the veterans among us. Thanks to everyone who will make some time to go to a parade or take part in a ceremony or pause when you see a flag and remember our veterans.

And perhaps also the future veterans, those who are currently serving. And, always, even though Memorial Day is set aside for them, those who have served and gone on to glory

Let’s salute them all.


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