I Am Gifted


I woke up this morning to a fresh new day. Barbara is a wonderful wife and partner. Many teachers and coaches and commanders have taught me so many skills. So many gifts. I am gifted.

There are more gifts. The gift of my mind to think and reflect. The gift of my body, able to walk and ride a bicycle and type on a keyboard. The gift of developed interests, with daylilies, in real estate investing, teaching others, … When I think about it, I realize that I am gifted.

God has given me so many gifts, certain talents and abilities and passions.

Previously, I accepted that I am imperfect. That is for sure.

Today I am celebrating that God has gifted me in many ways. Maybe a better word is “blessed”. I am humbled when I think about this.

And what a joy it is to share these gifts with others. Perhaps this joy is a gift as well. As we say in our Bethel Class, “blessed to be a blessing”.

In what ways do you see yourself as gifted?


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