The Amazing Power of Giving


In our busy world where it is so easy to be focused on ourselves, giving is like a superpower that can change everything.

I’m not talking about giving money or presents. I’m thinking about giving a smile, giving a hug, just being kind.

Like the proverbial pebble tossed into a pond—the good feeling from one act of giving spreads out and touches people in ways we might not even realize.

I’m thinking about giving our time, stopping to talk with a neighbor. Perhaps giving our skill at gardening or photography or singing. Maybe just being a good listener. Every little act of giving can make a big difference.

Giving is good for us, too. Studies show that when we give, we become happier and feel better. Works for me. Have you noticed this? I think about the people who help with the food distributions at church. We gain a sense of purpose of being connected to something good.

No matter how small our giving is, it matters. We are making our part of the world a better place.

What will you give today: a smile, a kind word, a prayer, a few minutes of your time?


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