I Was Selected For the Team


Remember the old recruiting posters? Uncle Sam pointing his finger at you saying, “I want you.”

For some reason, the image reminds me of my sandlot baseball days in our neighborhood growing up. It was just a sandy, grassy field that was used for parking at the Stover Theater at Stetson.

But, just about every day in the summer boys from all over the neighborhood would show up after school or on the weekends and play baseball.

Two of the biggest guys would be captains and take turns choosing players for their teams.

For a little scrawny guy like me the three words “I want you” were wonderful.

I am realizing today, decades later, that God has spoken those three words to me. God has said, “I want you” to me. Wow! How wonderful!

Humbly, confidently this older but still scrawny kid hears that invitation and gladly joins God’s team. How about you?


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