Big Football Games


For years, Barbara and I, along with a good friend Pappy Drennan, went to the big rivalry between The University of Texas and Texas A&M. This was played on Thanksgiving weekend each year back then.

Talk about schools with traditions and a big football weekend.

Our son, Joshua, was a student at Texas A&M University, the Aggies. He would work on the construction of the huge bonfire, which would draw thousands and would be lit that weekend as a kind of pep rally for the team.

No doubt, there are many of you who will be watching big football rivalries this weekend. Ohio State and Michigan. Auburn and Alabama. Florida and Florida State. Georgia and Georgia Tech. Kentucky and Louisville. And others.

These can get pretty emotional, can’t they? What is it about rivalries, about your school versus my school?

Who will you be rooting for today?


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