Who Are You Becoming?


My friend George’s daughter, Jennifer, joined the soccer team at school this semester. George goes to see her games. During the warmups, she is on the field, hustling, passing balls to other players, and working harder than the other players.

She doesn’t play much, but she is always cheering on her team, up on her feet, encouraging those who are in the game.

“Aren’t you frustrated, not being able to play,” George asked her one day.

“Of course Dad, I want to play more, but just like you I won’t quit hustling, working hard, helping the others. That is what I see you do, Dad,” she told him.

George spoke of his pride in who his daughter is becoming. She isn’t getting much playing time, but she is being the best she can be.

So many quit. Jennifer keeps hustling. She keeps growing. She is hanging in there. She is becoming…

As Jim Rohn says, getting is not as important as becoming. Becoming someone who is a hard worker, an encourager, a team player has great value, doesn’t it?


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