Santa Drops in on DeLand


These days Santa Clause parachutes in.

It used to be Santa used a magic sleigh pulled by reindeer.

The short video is from last night in Downtown DeLand, a Christmas Lights festival with thousands enjoying a beautiful evening. Barbara and I saw several friends enjoying the evening.

Mayor Chris Cloudman and others lit a huge Christmas Tree, a chorus from DeLand High sang. There was face painting and “ice” skating and good fun for every age.

I remember going to J.C. Penneys to sit on Santa’s lap as a young child. I don’t remember being scared. I do remember telling Santa what I wanted for Christmas. I don’t remember if I actually got what I wanted.

Santa sure is an interesting part of our celebration of Christmas, isn’t he? Especially here in sunny Florida, without snow.

What do you remember about Santa Claus?


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