Feast of the Seven Fishes


It sounded delicious. My two friends spoke about it with such passion, real joy, big smiles.

This Christmas Eve tradition is one they have celebrated since they were little children, growing up in Italian-American households in a small town filled with family and friends who shared the same heritage.

It is called the Feast of Seven Fishes, a festive Christmas Eve extended meal, with appetizers and soups and salads and pasta and more. It might last four or five hours and usually would not be a sit-down meal per se, but more of a “progressive dinner” while at the same house.

There might be stuffed shrimp, lobster bisque, grilled salmon, as long as over the evening seven different seafoods were enjoyed.

My friends spoke about it with such fondness, this tradition in their families which has been celebrated generation after generation and will be again in a few weeks in their home.

Barbara and I have some holiday traditions. You do as well, I am sure.

I enjoy learning from others, like you, about those you carry on year after year. They add such richness to the holidays, don’t they?


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