A Pained, Puzzled Look on his Face


Jonathan arrived a little late at the gathering.

About a dozen of us were enjoying the “meeting after the meeting” last night in a restaurant/bar in Orlando. We are all real estate investors who get together regularly to learn and to build relationships.

In this late evening gathering, several conversations were going on around the large table. Three people talking here and four there and two over there.

Jonathan pulled up a seat right next to me. We hadn’t met before. “Tell me about you,” I asked. I found out he’s married, has two young children, moved from New York, does handyman work, …

I remained curious and asked, “What do you do when you aren’t handymaning?”

The question stopped him. A pained, puzzled look showed on his face. He said his life was a whirlwind of working and looking for work. Work had taken over. We both could see this bothered him.

This happens doesn’t it, during some chapters of our lives? I know it has happened to me. So many demands from work. Not much left for anything else.


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