Who is Your Elizabeth?


Mary set out from her home to go see her relative Elizabeth.

I remember something like that. I was at Fort Bragg in basic training and was considering asking Barbara to marry me. I needed someone to help me with this decision, to be a thinking partner with me. My uncle Bill and aunt Pat lived in Durham, not far from Fort Bragg.

So I set out from my barracks to go see my aunt and uncle.

They were a huge help to me. They listened. They asked me important questions. They encouraged me as I confirmed my decision.

Mary’s head was spinning with the challenge she was facing and went to see Elizabeth. You can read about it in Luke, chapter 1, verses 39-56. Older, wiser Elizabeth proved to be a huge help to Mary. Mary received her confirmation and expressed in what is known as The Magnificat.

God provides people in our life to walk alongside us, to put an arm around our shoulders, to help us, wouldn’t you agree?

Who is your Elizabeth, your Pat and Bill? Who do you have when you need a listening ear, someone who cares, wisdom, courage?


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