Feliz Navidad


We were sitting together in this home on a small street in a village in Central Cuba about this time of year. One of the local church members had just finished a Bible study. We had prayed together. All of this was in two languages, with an interpreter.

It was the fourth day of a week spent with friends in Cuba. Our congregation shares a partnership with the small church in the town of Taguasco. I have enjoyed living in this community three times over the years and will return in March 2024.

That night, before we returned to our lodging, someone started singing a Christmas Carol, Feliz Navidad. Cuban people and American people in the room sang together. Sometimes the words are in Spanish. Sometimes they are in English.

We all sang together, actually joining hands in a large circle before the song was over. Smiles on every face as we looked around. Celebrating our connections with one another and with our common Savior.

The songs of this Season have a way of doing that, don’t they? May you have a smile on your face as you hear and sing the carols.


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