They Serve Because They Care


I noticed this t-shirt on someone at the gym this week. She allowed me to take the picture.

It says, “Public serves because Publix cares.”

Publix is the largest employer in the state of Florida. They are a grocery store chain with stores all over the state.

Personally, I have found the employees at the stories live this slogan. The company has created a culture of serving.

What I liked about the slogan was the reason for serving. They serve because they care.

It didn’t say, we serve because it makes us more money, although it probably does. They didn’t say, we serve because it soothes our consciences, although some people serve for this reason. They said they serve because they care.

The employee who stops what they are doing and walks with you to help you find an item does so because they care about you as a person and truly want to be helpful. They care.

The slogan on her t-shirt got me to thinking about why I serve.


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