All Lit Up


My sisters and I would eagerly sit in the back seat together while mom and dad drove around DeLand to see the houses all lit up for Christmas. The DeLand Sun News would publish a list of the “best-decorated houses”. It was quite something to see the displays.

Barbara and I and the boys did the same thing in the towns where we lived through the years. Whole neighborhoods would cooperate to brighten up street after street. Sometimes there would be themes. Sometimes it was a cutthroat competition to see who could run up their electric bill the highest.

We are enjoying seeing the brightly colored lights in our neighborhood this year. It is a sure sign that Christmas is coming.

Our house is much more subtle with candles in the windows and a lit wreath on the door.

On Saturday night several of us on lit-up bicycles will be riding around our part of town to ride by about a hundred houses lit up for Christmas.

What memories do you have of going out to see the displays?


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