One Way Door


There is a one-way door ahead. Once you go through it, you can’t go back.

At the most basic level, it is the change from 2023 to 2024. A brand new year is a one-way door of sorts.

It can be a personal decision that you actually follow through on, are committed to accomplishing.

Monday is the first day of the rest of your life. You can live it with all the hope that new beginnings bring.

In 1972, I decided to go to seminary. A door was opening up to me. The Army would give me a deferment from going active. I would soon be graduating from Stetson and would have to make a choice about something. It was a one-way door. No turning back.

Perhaps I would find out seminary was not the right thing. I might decide not to pursue pastoral ministry as a profession. I could turn to the right or to the left, but I couldn’t go back.

Leaving my last call from the church in Beaumont, Texas was another open door. Once I decided to step through, no turning back.

What is a one-way door you are about to step through?


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