The Cat Came Back


Riley, a tabby cat in our neighborhood, took a five-day adventure this past week. She didn’t tell her housemates that she was leaving and they were quite worried.

They walked the neighborhood letting everyone know that Riley was missing. We all looked, but no cat, for five days. We hoped nothing bad had happened to her.

I wonder where Riley went on her adventure.

Perhaps, like Pinocchio, she was drawn away by some of the rowdier feral cats for a few nights on the town. She returned home after realizing that wasn’t the life for her after all.

Maybe, a suiter caught her fancy and they took off for a few days of getting to know one another. Could it be that they had a falling out and Riley returned home heartbroken.

Or, being the teenager that she is, did she just think it was too confining to be at home and she was ready to be independent, out on her own. How did that go? Did she realize she had it pretty good with her housemates and returned, grateful to be home again.

She did come back, after five days away to everyone’s relief.

Nobody knows what Riley did for five days, but everyone in our neighborhood is glad she’s back.


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