Imperfections — I Have Them


I am bald. I am short. I am getting older every day. I have prostate cancer. I lost a tooth. I wear glasses. I have a whole slew of imperfections. How about you?

I say things I wish I hadn’t said. I leave undone things I know need doing. I misspell words and get my grammar wrong. My list of imperfections grows even bigger.

To err is human.

Dwelling on our imperfections, though is not all that helpful. At least not for me.

There may be some things I need to improve about myself. There are other things I really cannot change. I can note them, as I’ve done here. I can be aware of them.

I can also accept me, just as I am.

To worry about my imperfections, my faults, doesn’t really help. I will correct the things I can. That will do some good. I can do that.

To accept the things I cannot change (which doesn’t have to mean I like them) and not dwell on them works for me.

It is one thing to be imperfect. It is another not to dwell on it, to be able to say “I accept me, just as I am.”


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