Say “Hello” to 10 People Today


Today is “World Hello Day”, which was founded in 1973 in response to the Yom Kippur War between Egypt and Israel. The hope was to say “hello” as a simple way of encouraging peace among people.

We may not be able to do much about world peace, but we can create a friendlier world right where we live.

Initiate a conversation with 10 people today, simply by the first to say “Hello.” It may be someone in the aisle at the grocery store, a neighbor as you walk by their house, the folks who pick up your trash, your letter carrier, someone in the waiting room, …

You can write a text or call someone up, simply to say “hello”. It just might strengthen a relationship, especially with someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

Perhaps you can use their language by saying “Buenos dies” or “Gutten tag” or “Bonjour” or “Ohayo” or “Howdy” or “Hi”. There are lots of ways of starting a conversation.

Notice how you feel when you say “hello”. Does it bring a smile to the other person’s face?

When you have said “hello” 10 times, write a comment.


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