Tis the Season for parades.

It kicked off with the Macy’s parade in New York City and will end with the Rose Bowl Parade out in California in January. Those are a couple of big ones.

The DeLand Christmas Parade, this past Saturday, is a big one for our small town. Thousands and thousands of people line the streets for about a mile through town. This year over 140 entries – marching bands, scout units, schools, businesses, churches. There were groups walking dogs, riding bicycles, in their highly decorated and loud four-wheelers, …

I remember Dickie Pearce and I, about age 8, dressed up as angels on a small float in the Christmas Parade. I think our halos were a bit crooked. Once again, Barbara and her Garden Club friends wore Monarch Butterfly wings and brought smiles to people in the parade.

Next weekend is the Christmas Boat Parade out on the St. John’s River, with brightly lit boats of all sizes and people partying on the boats and along the banks.

What is it about parades?


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